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Thought Leader, Linda Botero

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Linda Botero, Store Director at Saint Laurent was our Thought Leader this week:

What is the number #1 thing you desire to pass down to your team. If they take one thing from spending time working for you - what is it and why?

The one thing I hope to pass down to my team is my commitment to the client experience and building relationships. People are walking into your business because they want to connect, they are curious about your products, if not they would just stay home and shop online. This is what gives us the upper hand in brick and mortar, we have the ability to get to know the consumer on a personal level. So be curious and be empathetic because you have the ability to make someone’s day better. I hope to constantly cultivate an environment that thrives on human connection. We can learn so much from one another.



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