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  • I am a hiring manager. Why would I download the app versus just using the desktop website?
    Our TOF app offers many benefits for brands and talent. In the app, you can search through thousands of qualified candidates with our multiple smart-features such as Relocation and Desired. You can also narrow down talent by seeing those who want to work for your brand specifically. The Job Posting feature is also available on the mobile app as well as One Touch Scheduling.
  • What does the Relocation filter do?
    The Relocation button will filter talent who want to move to your specific hiring location. Need to hire for a position in Aspen, CO but don't see enough local candidates? Select the "Relocation" filter and your search will be broadened to all those candidates who hope to make the move to Aspen! Tip: You can even see if talent may need Relocation Assistance.
  • Can Talent see my profile as a Brand?
    Talent profiles can only view you if you select them as a Favorite or Request an Interview from them. Otherwise, Talent will not be able to search Brand profiles or contact you.
  • What does the $149 job post include?
    By posting a job on our mobile app or website, we will include it on both platforms as well as send it out via email to our refined talent databases. This multi-level approach will optimize your post (and investment!) to be noticed by thousands of opportunity-seeking candidates!
  • I am having a technical issue. Help!
    If you have any questions or issues, please email us at Our team is eager & willing to help!
  • Is there a fee to use the mobile app?
    No, there is no charge to use our TOF mobile app!
  • What does “open to relocation” mean?
    If you select “open to relocation”, brands will see that you are potentially interested in moving for the right opportunity! This helps hiring managers who may be looking in an area with limited local candidates see that others are interested in moving there. You can also select “Need Relocation Assistance” which will notify the hiring manager that you will need some financial assistance to make the move.
  • I don’t want my current company to know I am looking for a new opportunity. What do I do?
    We’ve installed an “Anonymous” button to help you remain private to your current brand. If you turn on this feature, you will only be visible to your “Desired Brands”.
  • There are a lot of fields to fill out. Do I have to complete them all?
    In order to be visible to brands on the app, you must upload a clear headshot, your location, phone number, skills, and experience. However, talent that complete all fields and add their 60 Second Video are more likely to be noticed by brands as a top candidate. Have any questions on setting up a strong profile? Email us at and we would love to connect with you.
  • I'm having a technical issue. Help!
    If you have any questions or issues, please email Our team is eager to help!
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