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Thought Leader, Ryan Quintero

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We spoke with Ryan Quintero, Talent Director, Richemont North America, to give us his thoughts on a few important topics:

How can I measure my success in a brand that’s trending down?

Compare yourself only to yourself; Be fearless and analyze your personal performance – what are you doing that’s different than everyone else, what are your opportunities, and what can you actually do to improve the bottom line? Business is highly competitive, if you focus on the incremental change when times are challenging, you can stay motivated to push forward for larger improvements over time. 

How do I identify my true strengths within retail? I’ve never had a leader help with my identity.

What are you passionate about and what do you think you are very good at? If you start by identify your areas of interest, you will usually find that you provide exceptional experiences or attention to detail in those areas, because this is something you love doing. Take the opportunity to develop your skillset through self-learning and research, then partner with a supervisor or leader to have a conversation about what you would like to focus on and the direction you would like to develop in.

I think I’m ready for my next move. My boss doesn’t agree... now what?

What does good look like and what does great look like? If you feel you have truly learned everything you can within your role and have reached a level of expertise, where you can teach others, then you may be ready for your evolution. The best way to highlight your performance or experience to your boss, is by sharing all your achievements over time; provide a business case, share a SWOT analysis, as well as, identifying areas of opportunities with recommendations or solutions. Getting their attention and painting a clear picture of why you are ready for the next step is imperative as being seen as ‘ready’. If it does not work out – lay the ground work for a transition, research companies that you’re interested in and that have a track record of promoting strong talent within reasonable time frames. 



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