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Thought Leader, Jillian Prejean

This week we spoke to Jillian Prejean, Talent Manager at Theory:

You’re interviewing for your dream job and the recruiter asks the question, ”What was your reason for leaving your last job?”

Through our careers, chances are, we've been asked to exit a job. It may not have seemed like a deal then but when looking for future employment, not planning a response could lead to a rejection. There’s never a time when the truth shouldn't be given but remember, the recruiter wasn’t there and doesn’t know all of the details. Phrasing the answer is crucial. Saying “I was fired” can be hard for an interviewer to digest. Use a phrase like “both parties decided to part ways” or “I was let go”. Then give reasoning why this happened. Being defensive will not put you in the best light as a future employee. Employers want someone who has loyalty to their company and gets along with others. Once you share the reason, explain why the decision turned out positive. Put focus on the opportunity you took after exiting the company instead of the events leading to the exit.



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